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Welcome Arkansas Ozarks Waterkeeper Party with a Purpose House Party Planning Guide — an easy and effective way to help us raise money and awareness, recruit, and grow our membership. If you are concerned about the health of our waterways and want to support our advocacy and education programs, please consider hosting a party to benefit Arkansas Ozarks Waterkeeper.


Arkansas Ozarks Waterkeeper Party with a Purpose House Party is a great way to: 


  • Have fun while supporting a great cause

  • Share your passion for the water with your friends, neighbors, and colleagues

  • Spread the word about Arkansas Ozarks Waterkeeper and offer your guests an opportunity to join you in supporting our important advocacy work for the rivers and streams of the Ozark region

  • Raise funds and recruit members that will enable Arkansas Ozarks Waterkeeper to continue its effective advocacy, education, and community outreach programs



Step One:


Contact Arkansas Ozarks Waterkeeper to discuss your party plan and the guests you might invite. We can help you determine the format and type of event you would like to host and the materials and support that you would like Arkansas Ozarks Waterkeeper to provide.


Step Two:


Select a date and time. We suggest that you select a date at least three weeks out from the time you decide to give the party. Also, try to consider the day of the week and the time that will give you the best turnout.


Step Three:


Make your guest list. Make a list of family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances, and members of your faith-based, civic, or professional groups.  We suggest about thirty people, but this is your party, so you decide how many to invite!


Step Four:


Prepare and send the invitations. You may want to consider sending by e-mail to cut down on the expense and to save paper for the environment.


RSVP examples:

  • I’ll be there to learn about ARKANSAS OZARKS WATERKEEPER.

  • Sorry, I can’t come, but I plan to join ARKANSAS OZARKS WATERKEEPER.

  • Sorry, I can’t come, but I’d like to know more about ARKANSAS OZARKS WATERKEEPER.


Step Five:


Party Time! A representative of Arkansas Ozarks Waterkeeper will arrive 30 minutes to an hour before the start of the party to set up any AV equipment that may be necessary, display literature for the guests, and help with any last minute preparations. 

  • Welcome: Welcome your guests and introduce the Waterkeeper representative. We recommend beginning the program 30–45 minutes after the start of your event. Please, share with your guests why you support White River Waterkeeper.

  • Program: We will provide an informative presentation about Arkansas Ozarks Waterkeeper, lasting approximately 15–20 minutes, that will include a request for your guests to become members. The program can consist of a formal presentation or a brief, informal introduction to the organization by you or a Waterkeeper representative.


Suggested Time Line:

  • 6 weeks before the event: Contact Arkansas Ozarks Waterkeeper staff and set the party date, discuss logistics and outline any expectations. Create your invitation list.

  • 4 weeks before: Mail or e-mail the invitations. Arkansas Ozarks Waterkeeper can provide you with membership envelopes or brochures if you plan to mail invitations and would like to include this information.

  • 1–2 weeks before: Contact everyone who has not rsvp’d and your Waterkeeper contact to confirm details and finalize any issues or plans that are unresolved.

  • Week after the party: We will contact you to let you know who joined Arkansas Ozarks Waterkeeper. We will send an acknowledgment letter to everyone who contributed.



  • Food and refreshments: Will you provide simple snacks, hotdogs and burgers, or more elaborate food and beverages? A wide range of options can work for your party!

  • Door Prizes or Membership Gifts: Are you interested in providing door prizes or a gift for those who join Arkansas Ozark Waterkeeper at a certain level? Our staff could help with ideas.

  • Parking: Do you have enough parking to accommodate your guests?

  • Name Tags: Do you want to provide name tags for your guests?


Tips for Success:

  • Get your invitations out 3–4 weeks before the party.

  • Voice your own support for the organization and encourage your guests to join at the party.  Your support of Arkansas Ozark Waterkeeper doesn’t just mean a lot to us; it is an important endorsement to your friends, family, and colleagues.

  • Collect contributions from those interested in membership at the party. This can be done discretely by simply providing a basket or location where your guests can place their donation envelopes before they leave. We also have online capability.


Interested in Hosting or Have Other Event Ideas?


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